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Doctoral Program in Sociology at FLAME University

As a pioneering liberal education institution in the country, the spirit of inter and multi-disciplinarity permeates every aspect of academics at FLAME. The educational programs build upon the traditional and blend with the practical. It is grounded in deep scholarship with the freedom to exercise choice and learn from experience. True to its liberal ethos, the doctoral program at FLAME seeks to develop the next generation of academics who are able to approach issues from multiple perspectives, glean unique insights, and provide effective solutions to pressing problems of academic and practical interest.

In particular, the FLAME doctoral program aims to train the researchers who

  • extend the boundaries of current knowledge and also are able to create new knowledge.
  • are adept in the use of traditional methodologies and the latest tools and build on these to develop new techniques to answer questions that transcend disciplinary boundaries.
  • can communicate clearly and effectively to the expert and the public at large the insights gleaned from the research.
  • can apply the skills and knowledge in practical contexts


FLAME aspires to be recognised for the quality and impact of its research output on the current state of knowledge. Towards this goal, it will strive to provide an environment where cutting-edge research is done by a community of scholars where the focus is placed on conceptual clarity and the utilisation and development of new methodologies that are employed not only to illuminate the issue under study but also in a wide range of contexts. PhD scholars will work, through collaborations and joint projects, on real-world issues in close association with outside organisations/industries and apply appropriate and innovative methodologies to address their problems. This serves to create a virtuous cycle where academic research catalyses practical applications and in turn, provides fodder for challenging research problems.

The structure of the PhD program will entail coursework and internships while working on the research problem. Candidates will be encouraged to take a wide variety of courses in order to cultivate a cross-disciplinary outlook. The topic of the dissertation is expected to be inter-disciplinary with emphasis on the practical impact that is inspired by real-world problems or sponsored by industry and the output should address a gap or add something new to the existing literature.

A PhD scholar is not only preparing to be a researcher but also a teacher and teaching are integral to effective learning. The disposition of “Learning to Teach and Teaching to Learn” shall be instilled in the doctoral candidates to gain valuable instructional skills and in turn enhance their knowledge by providing opportunities for tutoring and/or independently teaching courses at the undergraduate or Master’s levels in the University.

With the spirit of liberal inquiry governing every aspect of academic life, accomplished faculty, emphasis on work-life balance, a close and supportive environment, and access to world-class facilities, being a research scholar at FLAME will be an enjoyable, enriching, and productive experience.




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