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Senior Research Fellow


This is Jyoti, student of Political Science, having quality of learning and acquiring new
dimensions to understand subject in the spectrum of behavioural and interdisciplinary mode.
Moto of life is “earn while you learn” and “caring old people” (as much as I can). Started
working after completing M.A. Working as counsellor, office assistant, data collector,
researcher, Lecturer and consultant. Worked on the issue of Thalassemia, Phyilleria
(W.H.O.), Migration and safety nets (ODG), civil society and environmentalism, left behind
Women (CSDS), Student behaviour and School (Working with Fulbright), Financial
behaviour of Poor People (BFA), Political Participation of women in grass root politics
(PDF) etc. Understanding migration through the political lens and exploring new dimensions
on migration. Published a book on Civil Society and Environmentalism in India in 2015.
Presented few national and International papers and chapters in edited books too.