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 Special Issue: S Irudaya Rajan a& AKM Ahsan Ullah (2023) From knowledge to action: South Asian diaspora engagement in times of crisis, South Asian Diaspora, 15:2, 123-136, DOI: 10.1080/19438192.2023.2240611



IIMAD is pleased to announce the launch of the website for Migration and Development Journal(MAD) “Migration and Development” is available at https://journals.sagepub.com/home/mad At launch, the journal begins a free access period which ends on (06-12-2023).

Kerala Migration Survey 2023 takes place through Gulati Institute of Finance and Taxation under the direction of Dr. S. Irudaya Rajan, Visiting Fellow, GIFT and Chair, IIMAD which is funded by the Government of Kerala.

The International Institute of Migration and Development welcomes
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International Migration

Migration as a Livelihood Strategy Adopted by Fisherfolk in South India

Published on May 17, 2021


Using the Sustainable Livelihood Framework (SLF),this study traces the livelihood conditions of a coastal community located in Kanniyakumari district in south India. From a vulnerable, pre-modern phase, this fishing group, by adapting to technologically advanced craft and gears moved into a more dynamic phase of modernisation with diverse livelihood opportunities. Unfortunately later, this fishing community began to suffer economically as the use of harmful gears in their boats resulted in the decimation of marine resources and subsequently a reduction in their income. In the absence of any institutional support mechanism to sustain them, fishing households have begun looking outside their home environs for economic opportunities to better their living conditions. One of the more significant ways through which the fishing community has been able to cope with its strained circumstances is to migrate to the Gulf countries.