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Chair is currently attending the 3rd International Forum on Migration Statistics (IFMS 2023) as a scientific committee member during 24-26 January 2023 in Santiago, Chile.

Internship with the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) Population Unit in Geneva. Apply Now



Our Founder President Dr. K.C. Zachariah departed us on 17th January 2023. 

Chair is part of both Jharkhand Migration Survey 2023 (10000 households) and Odisha Migration Survey 2023 (15000 households)


International Migration / Health / Gender

South Asia Migration Report 2020: Exploitation, Entrepreneurship and Engagement.

Published on June 2, 2021


South Asia Migration Report 2020, documents key themes of exploitation and entrepreneurship of migrants from the region. This volume includes dedicated fieldwork from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal; analyses the impact of South-Asia-migrant-established businesses; examines legal and legislative recourse against exploitation in destination countries; factors in how migration as a phenomenon negotiates with gender, environment and even healthcare.